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First Nations and Yoga Communities coming together on Country in unity and sharing in reciprocity
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Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation’s primary objective is to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people’s culture within the Australian yoga community.

Through respectful introduction of conversation, learning opportunities and communications activities based on the Reconciliation Action Plan held by Yoga Australia, we will create an integrated role for First Nations people within the yoga community.

The corporation aims to:
  • Amplify the voice of our First Nations yoga teachers throughout the country by providing support to the Yaan Circle
  • Create working opportunities for First Nations peoples within the yoga community
  • Provide a portal for selling products and services of First Nations peoples
  • Expand the number of businesses appropriately Acknowledging Country
  • Support and encourage Cultural Awareness trainings within yoga communities and as a component within yoga teacher trainings
  • Facilitate bursary positions within yoga teacher trainings and classes for First Nations peoples
  • Organise Wayapa Wuurk trainings for First Nations peoples and yoga teachers throughout Australia
  • Provide cultural consultancy to the yoga community and yoga bodies across Australia including guidance for Yoga Australia Reconciliation Action Plan to ensure it comes to full realisation
  • Support a nationwide series of interactive events between yoga communities and Traditional Custodians focused on healing - Yoga on Country
  • Support a monthly newsletter and podcast series focused on reconciliation, reciprocity and respect between First Nations and yoga communities
  • To operate and maintain a gift fund to be known as ‘The Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation Gift Fund’ in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997
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Whenever we mention First Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island or Indigenous peoples we are referring to all original tribal peoples from the continent now known as Australia.
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