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Connect to Country, go barefoot Belonging Day Jan 26th
Jrumpinjinbah Yuin Elder
“Belonging Day, that's what I'd like to call it. Instead of Australia Day, let's call it Belonging Day and then everyone belongs. Your human existence will only last for a short space of time, and from there you go back to the spiritual essence where everyone is equal.
There is no you're greater than me or I'm greater than you. You just are.”

Please connect with us on Belonging Day by

Simply taking your shoes off wherever you may be and sending us a picture of your feet doing what they do. A few words would help too. You could send the pic to , post your pic on social media and tag us on Instagram @ngungwulah or comment on our GO BAREFOOT ON BELONGING DAY Facebook event
Seek out a local event that brings you together with your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community. We have started a list of Culturally appropriate Jan. 26th events around the country. Please let us know of any further events you are aware of so we can widely disseminate what is happening out there by emailing us to .
We'd love you to bring your community together on the day for a heartfelt get together in the spirit of GO BAREFOOT ON BELONGING DAY, with your shoes off.
Please visit our GO BAREFOOT ON BELONGING DAY Facebook event page and invite your friends and community to join with us on this day
Please consider donating to Ngungwulah and/or a local First Nations organisation in the spirit of reciprocity on this day. To give to Ngungwulah, as an individual or a community, you can click on the DONATE button below.
Thank You!
Whenever we mention First Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island or Indigenous peoples we are referring to all original tribal peoples from the continent now known as Australia.
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