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How to add Acknowledgment of Country to your website with

Quick Install:

1. Open your Wix website where you’d like to add your Acknowledging Country page

2. Copy the code
Copy the code from the 'Install on Wix' section in the 'Quick Install & Code' file you received after purchase to your clipboard

3. Create an HTML iframe element
1. Navigate to your Wix site and click on the + Add icon.
2. Click More and scroll down to Embed
3. Click on the HTML iframe element to add it to the page.

4. Paste Code
1. Click on Enter Code to open the HTML iframe window.
2. Paste the code from Step 2 into the HTML box.
3. Click Apply and close the HTML iframe window.

5. Edit Post/Page
1. Reposition and adjust the size of your Popup.
2. Save and then Publish the website in your Wix website editor.
3. If you visit your live website, your Popup will be visible.

Your Acknowledging Country page will show once per day to your visitors.

Custom Install:

In editing mode, from the left-hand side of the screen select “Menu’s and Pages”.

In the window that opens, select “Lightboxes” and then “Add Lightbox”.

From the options, select “Interactive” and “Welcome”. A list of lightboxes will appear. To add the welcome lightbox, simply click on it (it will automatically be added to your website) or drag and drop it onto your home page.

Once you have selected the lightbox, you will enter lightbox editing mode. If you ever need to come back to this, you can access your lightbox by going to “lightboxes” as indicated in step two.

You can change the background of the lightbox, OR you can change the overlay of the whole page.

a. To change the background image, select the “design” icon and then “image” from the window on the right.

b. To change the overlay image instead (so that it covers the whole screen) click outside of the lightbox and select “Change Overlay Background”.


In either case, select “Image” from the pop-up.

Click “Upload Media” and then drag and drop the artwork provided or select “Upload from Computer”. Please Note: Images must be less than 25MB.

Once the artwork is uploaded, select “Site Files” and from the options select the artwork. Then from the bottom right of the screen click “Change Background”.

Now that the background is set, you can update the text. Click on the text box you would like to edit, or simply double click and the editing options will appear.

a. Change the title to say “Acknowledgment of Country” and use the text editing tools to change the font size and colour to suit your site.

b. Use the wording provided to update the body text and again, use the editing tools to change the font size and colour.

c. You can also change the button to say “enter”, “enter site” or another appropriate message.

10. Open the lightbox settings and under “Automatically display lightbox on pages” select YES.

Open the lightbox settings and under “Automatically display lightbox on pages” select YES. Your acknowledgment splash page is now ready to go! Remember to save and publish your site.

Finally, to make sure your splashpage also works for mobile and tablet display, select the phone icon from the top left of the screen.

With the lightbox selected, click “Set Triggers” and then make sure Automatically display lightbox on pages is set to YES.

Whenever we mention First Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island or Indigenous peoples we are referring to all original tribal peoples from the continent now known as Australia.
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