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Our mats are made from tree rubber and jute woven into a durable platform to support your yoga practice.

With no chemical dyes , they are safe to be laid to rest in your compost when the time comes! They can come with an organic cotton carry bag in white or grey adjustable strap and toggle. The price point supports the transition to an eco alternative for yoga practitioners away from PVC, TPE and other petroleum derived options. Put more yoga in your yoga practice.

LovEarth supports a program throughout Australia of redistribution of pre-loved mats to karma classes and projects. Studios and individuals are invited to donate their mats to this project rather than send their old mats to landfill. To date over 4000 mats have been distributed to close to 40 deserving causes such as animal shelters, classes for people going through cancer, free kids classes, mental illness week and for ‘living rough ‘ kits.

Most yoga mats are made from PVC, a material that is harmful to the environment to manufacture and takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade!

When you buy a LovEarth Yoga Mat, you can donate your existing mat and we will recycle or up-cycle it for you.

We up-cycle your mats with animal rescue shelters, with bedding solutions for the homeless, to help bring yoga into rural communities and many more.

LovEarth Yoga Mats are compostable.

You can compost it yourself, or we will take your old yoga mat when you are ready to renew it and give it to our worms.


WHY LovEarth?


“More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050”



You can find some kind of plastic in almost any product you buy in today's stores. Production of plastic has increased 20 fold since 1964 and it is expected to double again in the next 20 years, and quadruple by 2050.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most common plastic and is the main ingredients in most yoga mats that you can buy today. The process to create a PVC yoga mat creates many harmful by-products, many of which are released into the environment. During the production of PVC, lead, cadmium and organotins are used to make it stable and phthalates are used to make it softer. Phthalates are one of the the world’s most common environmental pollutants, 95% of Phthalates are made for use in the production of flexible PVC.

"one of the world's most common environmental pollutants, 95% of Phthalates are used in the product of PVC"
After the PVC is produced and in use many of the harmful chemicals leach out of the product, during its useful life into humans, and into waterways and the environment after the product ends up in landfill.

Plastics have no place in the practice of yoga, and LovEarth is committed to making yoga plastic free. Our LovEarth Yoga Mat is made from natural materials including jute and tree rubber and is fully biodegradable. We are passionate about making yoga better for the earth. When you buy a LovEarth Yoga Mat, we will happily take your old mat and up-cycle it in one of the great programs that we partner with. Find out more about our work here.

Come and LovEarth with us!


Our Products:

LovEarth Yoga Mat (with bag)


       Now Includes Anti-Microbial Polygiene


      The beautiful 4mm dye free LovEarth Yoga Mat Features:
  • Size: 173cm x 61cm x 4mm
  • Weight : 2.2kg
  • No PVC, PER or TPE
  • made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute
  • fully biodegradable
  • non-slip
  • comes with adjustable strap organic cotton carry bag
Includes Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology - an odor control treatment that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria,    allowing you to use more and wash down less. Based on a salt combining recycled silver and chloride, Polygiene is bluesign® approved and OEKOTEX® listed, keeping your yoga mat fresh and providing a real opportunity to wash down less thus help save the environment and lengthening the lifetime of your mat.


Learn more:

Caring for your LovEarth yoga mat

Trade in your or recycle your old mat

Your yoga mat includes Polygiene


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