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Inner Connection 45g Compostable Refill Bag


Our first tea in the Sacred Self Herbal Tea range is an intuitive blend that welcomes in feelings of calmness, clarity and an overall sense of heart-opening with every cup.

Specifically crafted with women in mind the blend includes; spearmint, rose petals, lavender, lemon verbena, oatsraw and calendula.

Our hand-blended collection of locally grown (where possible) and certified organic ingredients, offers your well-being and your inner warrior the delights of a well blended & delicious tea celebrating the sacredness of who you really are and the freedom to align with your Inner Connection.

Perfect to enjoy first thing in the morning, during your rituals or even before your meditation practice.

Always trust your guidance as you navigate feeling drawn to deepen your Inner Connection.


Our teas are hand blended to order. Made with local, organic ingredients and infused with Lifeforce Energy.



Whenever we mention First Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island or Indigenous peoples we are referring to all original tribal peoples from the continent now known as Australia.
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