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Recycled Mats

Recycled Mats, started by JJ Stranan in 2009, proudly supports fair, ethical, sustainable trading and manufacturing standards for all. Our growing Australian team, are all passionate individuals that together are uber proud in the knowledge that through till mid 2020 we have helped save over 217+ tonnes of plastics, manufacturing offcuts and car tyres from landfill and thanks to you that figure is increasing by the day! Yipppeeee




We are a family-run business, started in 2009 on a laptop in the third bedroom of our home and slowly progressed to the garage, storage units, then warehousing, and in 2016, the signing on of a logistics company to take over our picking, packing and warehousing. Late in 2017, we made the leap to take back control of our warehousing and purchased our own facility in Tweed Heads South. As we grow, so too does our range and so does the work that we are able to provide the amazing Indigenous artists that we are proud and honoured to work with.




We work with many artists from various cultural backgrounds in our community to create culturally inspired designs that connect with communities countrywide. By supporting us, we are able to keep not just our families in work, but also many others families both around Australia and abroad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to create a genuinely recycled and culturally inspired range of products which we hope you and your family will love and treasure.

Our range of Aboriginal Mats are a celebration of rich Aboriginal culture, clean environment and beautiful spaces. With colour, sophisticated textures/patterns and fun educational motifs, these cosy mats add life and vigour to any space. All pieces are authentically designed by Indigenous artists with a deep understanding of their own cultures, to celebrate, preserve and cherish this rich heritage. Recycled Mats is a non-Indigenous family owned and operated business based in Tweed Heads, NSW.




From 2015 we ran our head office on 100% solar power and had water tanks installed so that we also used 100% of our own rainwater in the business. Since July 2018 (in our new office and warehouse location) we've continued to power the business using solar energy. We compost our rubbish whenever possible and recycle whatever else that we can including packaging materials and office refuse.


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Whenever we mention First Nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island or Indigenous peoples we are referring to all original tribal peoples from the continent now known as Australia.
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