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Welcome to XcessFIT.
We are an Australian company that designs and manufactures plus size activewear for women and men in sizes 18-28.


XcessFIT creates activewear, where Art, Fashion and Fabric collide, that looks great and feels fantastic.
Whatever you do in it after that is totally up to you.


XcessFIT designs are all original, created for you, and your lifestyle in bold and bright colours and contemporary and authentic Aboriginal designs.


Our range will be ever expanding, with many more garment styles, and collection designs to come.



XcessFIT Mission statement

To offer quality plus size activewear that is affordable for women and men, that you can wear anywhere, your way.


XcessFIT Vision statement

To be the world's largest supplier of plus size activewear that inspires change and acceptance everyday.


XcessFIT Founder

"This is me, De Greer-Yindimincarlie – everyone calls me De – and I am the founder and head designer at XcessFIT.
I am an Aboriginal women from Wiradjuri country, in central western NSW.
I have led quite an interesting life full of different vocations, and the main reason for that is…
I have a compulsion to create….Some of the hats that I have worn in this lifetime are graphic
and textile designer, professional musician, singer and songwriter,  registered nurse, chef,
workshop facilitator, Youth centre co-ordinator, lecturer, painter, jewellery maker,
bicycle builder, entrepreneur, film editor and product designer, and I’m sure there are a few I’ve left out."


You can find out more about De's journey and inspiration here.


Our Products:
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